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mycusini Chocolate Bar - easy to design yourself

Now you can design your own chocolate bar as an individual gift. Now available with matching gift packaging.

The delicious mycusini chocolate bars are particularly stable with a thickness of 8 mm, so that they can be transported safely.


mycusini Schokoladentafeln direkt bedrucken Vollmilch

And it works so simply

Place the chocolate bar, set the height with the new application "Produce on object" and start directly via the display. Let's go.


mycusini Profivorlagen gestestet für Schokoladentafeln mit Gelinggarantie

Professional templates or your own texts

Of course, there are also templates from our professionals for this new application.
Over 30 templates for mycusini chocolate bars are now available for you in the mycusini Club. Of course, you can also create your own texts - personalisation can be so easy!


mycusini Schokoladentafeln individuelle Mitbringsel für Ihre nächste Einladung


Content & nutritional information

Content & nutritional information