3D chocolate printer

Incl. 3D Choco with success guarantee & over 1,000 3D templates

Professional technology for the home

With our experience in the professional sector, we bring the fascinating technology of 3D food printing into your kitchen

Dive into a limitless world of creative 3D Choco objects


"I didn't think it would be that easy. The beautiful and delicious decorations are a lot of fun".

Marion Strauch, baking blogger, www.marions-kaffeeklatsch.de

Brilliant - I want to scream with excitement. And so easy to use!

Winnie Lee, cake artist, www.instagram.com/ohcakeswinnie

My mom and I printed our names right away - great. The chocolate is also delicious.

Brigitte Klinger, Gran Canaria

mycusini was the first 3D printer that was permanently tolerated in the kitchen.

Mark Bernhardt
Managing Director Qube Tech, Germany

Hobby bakers
watch out

Cake toppings, individual lettering, hollow chocolate molds


Numerous applications and over 1,000 templates in the mycusini Club

Personal gifts
to devour

Individual gifts for birthday, wedding, baptism & Co
White, Pink, Blue and Dark

3D Choco

as well as dark in the varieties raspberry, orange and coconut

Easy to use

Insert mycusini 3D Choco, briefly preheat and off you go.

Experience mycusini

mycusini® success guarantee
Make your creative ideas come true
- without pre-knowledge.
Our confectioners, chefs and
food specialists
have matched the mycusini and the 3D Choco
in the best possible way.

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