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At www.mycusini.com you can order mycusini, groceries and accessories in the “SHOP” menu. We ship worldwide except USA, Canada, Great Britain an Iran.

Shipping Information

Here you can find more information about shipping and delivery times

We ship worldwide. Except USA, Canada and Iran

We always have mycusini in stock and can therefore be delivered at any time.

We send all packages worldwide with DHL Express. You will receive your goods within one week (EU). Often even faster.

After the mycusini has been installed in Freising (Germany) and every single one has been tested, it will be shipped directly from the warehouse.

The hard-working colleagues of the parcel service providers with whom we work - summer and winter, regardless of whether it is heat, rain or snow - always endeavor to be friendly and ensure that the mycusini and accessories are delivered to your door on time.

Nobody likes to pay shipping costs. Now it would be easy to do the same as other companies, add the shipping costs to the product price and deliver “free shipping”. That would be window dressing, because naturally this service costs money.

We believe that this achievement deserves appreciation. Therefore, we do not add the shipping costs to the product price, but show the shipping costs separately.

We build on your appreciation.

Your mycusini team

After shipping you will receive an email from us with a link. This gives you information about the status of your shipment.

mycusini® 3D Choco

With mycusini® opens up an opportunity to realize Choco dreams in a simple way. So our 3D Choco does not require temperature control - simply insert it into the mycusini, briefly preheat and off you go. Also, in taste it is a pleasure, for example the 3D Choco Dark is refined with a touch of real vanilla. Each mycusini® comes with a sample pack containing several 3D Choco. We are sure you will get a taste for it.

Use only mycusini 3D Choco. The mycusini is designed as a complete system. All device and software settings are designed to the use of mycusini 3D Choco.

3D templates

The special thing about the mycusini is its implementation as a complete system consisting of the mycusini, the mycusini Club and the mycusini 3D Choco. This guarantees an immediate sense of achievement. In the software, the so-called mycusini Club, there are various applications, e.g. you have the option of writing text messages or drawing free-hand. All your creations are automatically converted into a file for 3D Choco printing via the mycusini Club. All the settings required for this are already stored. So you don't need any software or CAD knowledge.

It is also possible to use your own files in STL format. Simply upload it to the mycusini Club. There you will be converted automatically. Here we go.

mycusini® 3D chocolate printer

The operation of the mycusini via the display is very easy thanks to the intuitive menu navigation. Thanks to additional instructions and video tutorials, no questions remain unanswered.

Download instructions

The mycusini has a cleaning function. This allows the so-called stamp to be moved out of the head and wiped off with a damp cloth. The stainless steel cartridge can be cleaned under warm running water or in the dishwasher.