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mycusini Club eigene 3D Choco Objekte erstellen - Schriftzüge, Motive, 3D Drucker für Schokolade


Create your own 3D templates

With the purchase of a mycusini 3D chocolate printer gives you access to the mycusini Club.

There you can create your own objects online, e.g. B. Create individual lettering, logos or upload your own 3D files. And all without programming. How cool is that?


  • Lettering
  • Own 3D files
  • Template library
  • Updates
  • mycusini Credits - logo and template creation
  • Tips, tricks & videos
mycusini Club Schriftzüge individuelle Textbotschaften in Schokolade


Surprise your loved ones with an individual message. Create personal text messages with 3D effect in different fonts and sizes.

The special thing about the mycusini Fonts is that the individual letters are connected. No jumble of letters and no tiresome typing of individual letters.

Take your coherent text message in one piece from the silicone mat and place it directly on the dessert plate or cake. 

That's how it works: desired text in mycusini Enter Club in the "Labeling" application, select size and font and determine the desired 3D effect via the number of Choco layers on top of each other.


mycusini Club Eigene 3D Dateien in Schokolade drucken

Own 3D files

There are different ways to get a 3D file (in STL format).

  • You can draw your STL files yourself. Simple programs like and the 3D Builder from Microsoft make it possible. It's worth trying.
  • You will also find large databases online with numerous free 3D files on various topics (same file type as for plastic printing). An example of this is

That's how it works: Simply desired file in mycusini Upload Club in the My Documents application. There the files are automatically created for the mycusini converted.


mycusini Club Vorlagenbibliothek über 1.000 3D Vorlagen für 3D Schokoladendrucker

mycusini® template library

Access tried and tested 3D objects, hollow shapes, letters, numbers and much more in the mycusini template library. 

Categories such as "Christmas", "Easter", "Valentine's Day" and "Halloween" await you there, as well as "Games", "Love", "Animals", "Countries & Cities" or "Sports". With over 1,000 free templates, the choices are almost limitless. We are constantly expanding the template library for you.



mycusini Club kostenlose Updates immer auf dem neuesten Stand


The mycusini software is continuously expanded by us. As the owner of a mycusini you have free access to updates and benefit from new applications and improvements.


mycusini Club Vorlagenbibliothek über 1.000 3D Vorlagen fmycusini® Credits für die Anwendung im mycusini Club individuelle 3D Dateien kaufen

mycusini® Credits - Services

Would you like to have it done? You are right here. We would be happy to support you with your special project. Our services offer you the creation of professional 3D printing templates for the mycusini:

Services Price

Logo creation

20 mycusini Credits
We create your logo for production with the mycusini
(based on your PNG or JPEG template)
Template creation 20 mycusini Credits
We create your template for production with mycusini
(based on your PNG or JPEG template)
STL optimization 20 mycusini Credits
Got an STL file? We convert the file for you and optimize your 3D object for production with the mycusini
(based on your STL file)
Paid templates

1 mycusini Credit

Over 1000 templates are free. We are constantly developing the template library for you and put a lot of time and effort into it




mycusini Club Tipps Tricks und Video Tutorials

Tips, tricks & videos

In your personal area you will find numerous tips on how to reach your goal quickly and easily.

In addition, in the mycusini Tutorials explain all functions step by step. It's worth checking out.