mycusini® 2.0

mycusini 2.0 die neue Generation in zeitlosem Design und vielen Möglichkeiten durch über 1000 3D Vorlagen

NOW it is time!

Get yourself a 3D chocolate printer now mycusini® 2.0

Our own experience, plenty of customer feedback from users of the first generation and a lot of passion have flowed into the new generation.

The work was worth it. We are proud of the incredible feedback we have received from the first customers for the new mycusini 2.0 product generation.

Take a look at the advantages of the new generation and see for yourself.



  • The mycusini 2.0 combines timeless design with exciting colors
  • Large 3.5" touch color display for quick access to the integrated template library with over 1,000 creative objects, including object preview
  • Multilingual user interface: German, English, Spanish, Italian and French
  • Illuminated print area (dimensions 90 x 90 x 45 mm)
  • Easy to clean thanks to rounded corners, production platform can be removed for cleaning
  • The mycusini 2.0 works with special 3D Choco refills that are included - for an immediate sense of achievement
  • Incl. access to the mycusini Club. For easy creation of your own 3D objects, individual lettering and names
  • No bigger than a coffee machine (footprint only 24 x 23 cm)



  • Features & Benefits
  • Easy to handle
  • 3D templates
  • Cleaning

mycusini® 2.0 – Features & Benefits

mycusini features and benefits vorteile und Funktionen 3D Schokodrucker




Easy to handle

  1. insert mycusini 3D Choco
  2. preheat briefly
  3. select the desired object on the display and start

Here we go.

mycusini 2.0 einfach 3D Choc einsetzte, kurz vorheizen und los gehts


Guaranteed success - more about mycusini You will find 3D Choco with a guarantee of success here.

Over 1,000 3D templates

mycusini Club mit über 1.000 Vorlagen


That's how it works:

Get started right away and select one of over 1,000 3D templates directly on the mycusini display.

It couldn't be easier.

mycusini 3D Vorlagenvorschau dank des Touch-FarbdisplaysObject preview thanks to the touch color display


A preview of all templates are also in the mycusini Club pictured. There you will also constantly find new templates and template categories.


Would you like to create individual templates?

Numerous applications, e.g. personal lettering can be found in the mycusini Club.

Easy to clean

The practical mycusini 3D Choco Refills ensure minimal cleaning effort. The stainless steel cartridge can be easily cleaned under warm running water or in the dishwasher.

Experience mycusini 2.0