In terms of production quality and speed there is no difference to professional 3D food printer for 2.000 € and above. And this at a fraction of the space required. So the mycusini fits into even the smallest kitchen.

3d food printer mycusini

Easy to be creative

Create 3D Choco give-aways for your loved ones or the Choco highlight on your dessert with mycusini®. Filled with creamy mascarpone cream, a sauce and some nicely arranged fruits and you will challenge even a professional patissier.

3d food printer mycusini

Easy to use

Easy-to-make text messages, free access to a huge template library and easy operation ENSURE the MAXIMUM FUN factor.

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Easy to refill for another 3D food print

The mycusini® is powered by special 3D Choco refills provided by Print2Taste – success guaranteed

3d food printer mycusini

Easy to clean

Dish washer proof stainless steel cartridge

3d food printer mycusini

Easy to buy

With a unbeatable price of 298 € you get the complete package. The mycusini® includes software for the creative creation of 3D objects and, of course, free access to our well-filled template library.

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Technical Details of the 3D Food Printer mycusini®

Every detail is optimized to the needs of consumers. Starting with the outer dimensions, positioning, production platform, cartridge up to the specially developed extruder with quick release. The mycusini® is reduced to the max, with only 19 x 19,5 x 27 cm it is smaller than most coffee machines and fits into every kitchen.

mycusini® at work

The following videos show a small insight into the simple and self-explanatory usage.*

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3D Choco Printer for every home
mycusini® -easy to use
mycusini® - easy to choose from mycusini template library
mycusini® - easy creative LOVE
mycusini® - easy creative PIRI
mycusini® - easy to clean
mycusini® 3D Choco highlight for Deserts

3D Choco Printer for every home

mycusini® -easy to use

mycusini® - easy to choose from mycusini template library

mycusini® - easy creative LOVE

mycusini® - easy creative PIRI

mycusini® - easy to clean

mycusini® 3D Choco highlight for Deserts

mycusini® – Choco 3D printed food

With mycusini® 3D Food Printer we want to give the user an opportunity to realize Choco dreams in a simple way. So, our 3D Choco does not require tempering – just insert it into the mycusini®, preheat it for a few minutes and off you go. Also, in taste it is a pleasure, refined with a touch of real vanilla. Each mycusini® comes with a sample pack containing several 3D Choco refills. Trust us – we are sure you will get the taste.

mycusini® 3D Choco – Output

mycusini® 3D Choco – Examples

mycusini® gets a CE certification.

We ship to Europe, New Zealand and Australia. If your country is not listed, simply contact us via or directly to

Country group 1 - 7,74 €


Country group 2 – 17,85 €

Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland

Country group 3 – 19,75 €

Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden,UK., vor Brexit, Island, Liechtenstein, Norway, Schwitzerland

Country group 4 - 54,74 €

Australia, New Zeeland

The shipment of the mycusini® is made directly from Freising/Germany after passing our quality inspection. Johannes looks at each one closely. It is important to us that each of you gets a perfect mycusini®.

In addition to the technological side, our know-how comes mainly from the food industry. So most of the team studied food technology. The chefs and confectioners in the team complement the experience of the craft side, which is very important for Choco.

Although we paid attention to the stability and speed in the development, the taste always had priority for us. So even professional customers who opt for our Procusini are pleasantly surprised by the taste of our 3D Choco.

mycusini® 3D Choco is a chocolate grease glaze. This means that instead of cocoa butter, other vegetable fats, such as coconut fat, are used so that curing takes place more quickly and thus higher objects can be produced.

This recipe seemed to make more sense for practical use compared to a chocolate that first had to be tempered in a tempering device and then does not cure quickly enough when working with the mycusini®.

The mycusini® 3D Choco was developed in Freising and is also produced and shipped from there. In addition, we also develop a chocolate. However, we do not want to go to the market until we can give a guarantee of success. For this we have to do some homework, so we cannot announce a date yet.

With mycusini® we would like to give you an opportunity to realize Choco dreams in a simple way. So our 3D Choco does not require temperature control - simply insert it into the mycusini®, preheat briefly and off you go. Also, in taste it is a pleasure, refined with a touch of real vanilla. Each mycusini® comes with a sample pack containing several 3D Choco Refills. Trust us - we are sure you will get the taste.

At the beginning we start with 3D Choco. However, we plan to expand the product range in the future. We cannot give you an exact date yet. Here we are curious, what feedback we still get from the community and what your favorite food for 3D printing with the mycusini® would be. So that you do not get enough of the mycusini®, we will continue to expand the applications and the template library in the meantime. As mycusini owner you have free access to the mycusini® Club and regular updates.

In principle, it is possible to use the mycusini® to process your own chocolates. However, this requires a very high cost, e g. the chocolate has to be tempered before processing in a separate tempering device.

The cost of a mycusini® 3D Choco Refill is 80 cents, with a filling of 15 g. We will probably sell the 3D Choco Refills in packs of 10. 

The operation of the mycusini® via its integrated display is super easy and understandable thanks to Marcel.The insertion or filling of the mycusini® is very easy due to the specially developed quick-lock in the extruder.Nevertheless, we want to support you with all our strength and have a guidance video and videos with tips and tricks for you.

You can order as many gadgets on Kickstarter as you can get when you are fast enough. If you cannot get hold of mycusini® on Kickstarter, do not be disappointed. After the Kickstarter campaign on we start the pre-sale in the store for the original price of 398 €.

The cleaning of the mycusini® is super easy. Thanks to the cleaning function on the display, the upper part, which can come into contact with the 3D Choco, is automatically removed and you can simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. The stainless steel cartridge in which the 3D Choco is tempered, you can simply clean by hand under running water, or put them in the dishwasher.

With the battery of mycusini® you can start your favorite objects for about 2 hours.

The power supply of the mycusini® takes place via the battery. If you see the signal that the battery is empty, simply plug the mycusini into the socket with the mains plug and it will continue to run as usual.

Depending on the application, the speed of the mycusini® are currently between 9.5 and 25 mm / s. We are working continuously on the production speed and its improvement. Thus, we have been able to increase the speed already significantly in recent years. In any case, we still see potential, which is why we diligently optimize further to make the mycusini® more and more attractive to you.

With the mycusini®, we also rely on our successfully tested method of venturing out to the customer with a piggy-back solution. We have developed a printhead here in Freising, which is adapted to the smallest detail to the wishes of consumers. Such a small print head never existed so far for 3D Choco. The lower heatable part can be easily opened without cable clutter thanks to the quick release. Our latest development, the mycusini® stainless steel cartridge is specially designed for Choco 3D printing. With a high heat transfer and the precise tip of 1 mm diameter, it convinces with fast heating and wonderful filigree 3D objects. We have adapted the positioning unit of an existing system. Our experienced partner completely assembles the mycusini® for us. At the same time Johannes will personally accompany the installation on site.

We have been working together with our hardware partner for over a year now. Two months ago, we received the first three final prototypes. We have checked this down to the last detail for you on quality. Furthermore, we have carried out a long-term test, mycusini® 24/7. The mechanics has passed 100%. Not even Johannes managed to break it with load and drop tests.The next test done by Teresa were printing tests, here Teresa put a lot of effort into details. After countless application tests such as printing, heating etc., we have already passed on the last optimization details for optimal handling to our partner and are waiting for the next prototype series.

Unfortunately, here in Freising/Germany we do not have the space and the possibilities to produce the mycusini®, as much as we would like to.Furthermore, we would not be able to offer you mycusini® at this unbeatable price.Our manufacturing partner has longtime experience in the production of 3D printers what we appreciate very much. That's why we chose this partner.The mycusini® 3D Choco is produced by us directly in Freising.

In the future, we want to offer this opportunity in the mycusini® Club. To kick off the Kickstarter campaign, we will start with the three applications "freehand drawing", "text messages" and over 100 objects from our "template library".