Schichtdessert mit Beeren und Haferkeksen

Layered dessert with oatmeal cookies

The delicious cream with the crunchy oatmeal cookies and the berries make this quick dessert so irresistible!

The cream and biscuits can be prepared very quickly. The cream should even be prepared the day before so that it can cool well. Then the biscuits only need to be served with berries and the cream and this great dessert is ready. You can definitely surprise your loved ones with this - they will love it!

Personalization with chocolate has never been so easy!

A chocolate object from the mycusini provides that certain "extra" with this delicious dessert! Whether you trap a spring motif or rather the names of your guests on the dessert is entirely up to you. With the mycusini there are no limits!Mille feule Dessert mit Haferplätzchen und Vanillecreme


For the oatmeal cookies

(makes about 21 large biscuits)

125 g Butter
175 g Sugar
100 g Rolled oats (fine)
75 g Flour
75 g Ground almonds or nuts
1 tsp Cinammon
1 tsp   Baking powder
1 Socket Salt
1 Pck. Vanilla sugar or fresh vanilla
For the cream  
250 g


80 g

White chocolate

1 Pck.

Vanilla sugar or fresh vanilla

75 g



Beeries as Topping


Beeren Dessert mit Schokodekoration aus dem 3D Schokodrucker


 For the cookies

  1. Melt butter and mix with all remaining ingredients

  2. Chill the mixture for 20 minutes

  3. Shape into 5-6 cm thalers and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper

  4. Bake at 175 °C (convection oven 160 °C) for about 13 minutes

For the cream

  1. Roughly chop the white chocolate

  2. Bring the cream and vanilla to the boil and pour over the chocolate, stirring well so that the chocolate dissolves

  3. Stir in the mascarpone and mix well

  4. Store well covered in the fridge overnight

  5. The next day, the cream can be whipped up with a mixer until it forms a stable mass

Serving the tarts

  1. Alternately squirt cream and fruit on the outside of an oat biscuit

  2. Place the second oatmeal on top and cover with cream dots

  3. Decorate with fruit, berries and 3D chocolate objects


There are more recipes with mycusini topping and the latest news here.

I wish you lots of fun baking

The mycusini team

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