mycusini® Pralinenfüllungen made by Jürgen  	­

mycusini® Praline Fillings made by Jürgen

Jürgens Pralinenfüllungen aus der Manufaktur

To make your homemade chocolates irresistible, we are now producing the mycusini praline fillings for you ourselves.

Jürgen has recreated the praline fillings and reinvented a classic:
Nougat - delicious, nutty and not too sweet. 

Benefit from more pleasure at a better price
The praline fillings have not only become even more delicious. We have even reduced their price. 

mycusini Pralinenfüllungen
Cleverly simple and simply irresistible
With the mycusini praline fillings in the practical portioners, you can transform your mycusini 3D Choco hollow moulds into exclusive nibbles in no time at all.

Jürgens mycusini praline fillings:
  • Irish Coffee Cream
  • Marc de Champagne
  • Peach Passion Fruit
  • Yoghurt Amarena
  • NEW: Nougat
Directly from our manufactory





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