Schokoladen Logo Firmenevent Cupcakes

Logos for the company event – preferably made of chocolate

Chocolate logo as a highlight or gift

Nothing represents a company or brand as unequivocally as their logos. Values, experiences and successes – all of this is naturally associated with it.

This can be a company logo or a product logo. Regardless, the appeal of a logo cannot be overstated. So show off your logo.

A logo made of chocolate is not only eye-catching, but also a delicious way to present the brand or company. As part of a company event, it can e.g. B. be used as a decoration for the dessert.

It is also an excellent gift for customers and business partners.

Schoko-Logo für das Firmenevent aus dem 3D Schokodrucker mycusini

With the mycusini 3D chocolate printer, you can make your own logos out of chocolate quickly and easily.

That's how it's done:

The logo should be in JPG file format. Now there are two options – do it yourself or have it done. mycusini gives tips on how to create a 3D printable version of your logo yourself. Alternatively, mycusini takes over this step as a service for a small fee.


Once the 3D printable logo file has been created in the so-called STL format, it is uploaded to the mycusini Club. Then you can start. After a short preheating, the mycusini 3D chocolate printer already prints the first logo!

Firmenlogo in Schokolade für das Dessert

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