Kuchentaler - Die perfekte Resteverwertung inkl. Tipps zum Schmelzen von Schokolade

Cake coins - The perfect use of leftovers including tips for melting chocolate

mycusini Rezeptesammlung - Kuchentaler die perfekte Resteverwertung

Cake coins - a recipe from the mycusini recipe collection

Finishing with mycusini 3D Choco objects

There are already over 300 names stored on the mycusini which can be selected and started directly on the screen. If your desired name is not there, you can easily create it yourself. To do this, log in to the Mycusini Club and type in the name you want. The file only has to be saved on the SD card of the mycusini and the mycusini can start writing the name in Choco.

mycusini Kuchentaler mit 3D Choco Deko Namen


Leftover cake base and chocolate

mycusini Rezept für Kuchentaler perfekte verwertung von Kuchenresten


  1. Crumble the remaining cake bases and/or sponge cake and mix with the cream cheese to form a malleable mass
  2. Shape the mass into thalers and place on a grid
  3. Cover with tempered chocolate

Tips for melting chocolate

In order for the chocolate to get its beautiful shine and crispness, it has to be tempered. The desired crystal structures can only be created with the right temperature control. Tempering chocolate always sounds very complicated, but with a little patience and a thermometer it will definitely work.

The temperature control differs slightly depending on whether dark, whole milk or white chocolate is used. White chocolate is most sensitive to high temperatures and can then clump quickly. It is also important to ensure that not a drop of water gets into the chocolate and that the bowl used is always completely dry.

  1. Step: Melt the chocolate in a water bath. Stir with a rubber spatula. Especially with white chocolate, make sure that it doesn't get too hot, it's better to melt it a little slower and at a lower temperature.
  • White chocolate may be heated to a maximum of 38 °C
  • Whole milk at a maximum of 40°C
  • Dark to a maximum of 45 °C
  1. Step: cooling the chocolate by inoculating. To do this, add some chopped solid chocolate to the melted chocolate and stir carefully. This is how you cool the chocolate.
  • White chocolate should be cooled to 26-27 °C
  • Whole milk at 27-28 °C
  • Dark to 28-29 °C
  1. Step: Reheat. Here the chocolate is brought to the processing temperature.
  • White chocolate should be brought to a maximum of 29-30 °C
  • Whole milk at 30-31 °C
  • Dark to 31-32 °C

If you follow these instructions, your chocolate will get a great crack and a nice shine.

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I wish you lots of fun baking

The mycusini team

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