mycusini® 3D Chocolate Printer

mycusini 3D Schokoladendrucker inkl. über 1.000 3D Vorlagen und 3D Choco in gebrauchsfertigen Refills Nachfüllpackungen

No bigger than a coffee machine, the mycusini also fits into the smallest kitchen. In terms of the quality of the chocolate objects and the production speed, there is no difference between the mycusini 3D Chocolate Printer and a professional device. 



  • Features & benefits
  • Easy to use
  • 3D templates
  • Cleaning

mycusini® - Features & benefits

mycusini 3D Schokoladendrucker Eigenschaften, Vorteile und technische Details


Easy to use

  1. Insert mycusini 3D Choco
  2. Preheat briefly
  3. Select the desired object on the display and start

Off you go.

mycusini 3D Schokoladendrucker wie es funktioniert


Success guaranteed - more about mycusini 3D Choco with success guarantee you will find here.


Over 1,000 3D templates

mycusini Club über 1.000 Vorlagen

That's how it works:

Get started right away and choose one of over 1,000 3D templates directly on the mycusini displayIt couldn't be easier.




mycusini 3D Vorlagenübersicht mit über 1.000 3D Vorlagen für 3D Schokoladendruck


Template overview for convenient selection 


The enclosed brochure shows all 3D objects with a picture and information on Choco consumption. 




Would you like to create individual templates?

Numerous applications, e.g. personal lettering, can be found in the mycusini Club.



Easy to clean

The practical mycusini 3D Choco Refills ensure minimal cleaning effort. The stainless steel cartridge can be easily cleaned under warm running water or in the dishwasher.




mycusini® 3D Chocolate Printer at work