Beschenken leicht gemacht!n 3D Food Printing

Your personal gift – extruder – 3D – Never heard before?

I just wrote my last post for you, when I noticed that it needs a few explanations. That’s why I want to give you a little insight in the details of 3D printing today. I’d like to demonstrate how simple it could be to create the perfect gift.

And here how it works

The 3D food printing technology we use in our printers is called FDM, fused deposition modeling, which means merging multiple layers of food. That describes the whole thing really well. Within the FDM technology, a 3-dimensional object is cut into thin slices as you may see it in the picture. These layers then should “melt” together when applied. At the top of the picture you can see it more closely. For example, in the postcard (code) from the computer to his best friend mycusini it will be written: Take 10 steps in the X direction, go 20 steps in the Y direction and go one layer high (Z direction). In addition, the mycusini is squeezing one milliliter of chocolate from the JAMJAMJAM tube.

Become first user for a genious gift!!!

3D food printing is a technology that works really simple and that’s why it’s suitable for everyone. In the far past, baking in small appartments seemed to be unthinkable. That changed rapidly with the appearance of electricity. Now that you all know how 3D modeling works, go out into the world and tell it to everyone interested (or not J).

Do you already have someone you want to give your personal 3D choco present? Feel free to contact me, if you have ideas what such a device will really need. I would be more than happy to learn more about your personal preferences – sweet or spicy – snack or chocolate – I would let your personal food dreams come true.

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Until next time

Your Kellerkind

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