3D geschenkt

Step by step striving for the ultimate solution at a snail’s pace

Did you already have a look at the great results presented in my last post – if not, take your time here. The first successful food print with the world’s first 3D food printing system for every home. So far, at least the first step had been done. It is feasible (under whatever conditions, that’s another story for nmerous discussions). It’s a miracle – the first movement. YES, that’s exactly what I wanted. But now let’s perhaps talk about the “conditions” Yes, there is movement, but a snail is a turbo compared to the motor shaft of my extruder. The motor is running only very very very very slow.

But – lots of beautiful choco layers – many beautiful 3D Choco chocolates- lots of happy people

Now I just have to accelerate, otherwise no one will be able to realise the ultimate gift till Christmas 2050. Not really always easy to maintain confidence.

Keep your fingers crossed and see you next time

Your Kellerkind

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