Starting your own gifts express at home – chocolate makes everybody happy!

Hope you missed my not always easy to understand mental eruptions – had been really hard the last months – like a long tunnel. Perhaps you asked yourself about the meaning of “Kellerkind” – that’s a hint to my “lab” – deep in the ground basement of the building – without any windows – you easily forget the time and the day. No, no don’t worry, sometimes even I have a view to sunlight – at least in the kitchen. After passing these dark months – I really got it!!!!! Seriously – not only did the mycusini produce beautiful 3D food objects, it even works with delicious 3D Choco. Do you know what that means? Exactamente … .. Menwhile the cartridge may be heated in a well controlled manner. A real miracle J.

You may now use it to make your own confectionery super individual and fast. So, you once again forget ordinary gifts and rapidly design your “personal praline” and produce it with your mycusini. Doesn’t that sound fabulous? Simply load the 3D Choco capsule and start your print. That’s exactly what my plan has been for weeks, no months. I do not want to torture you anymore. Here is the first print from the mycusini.

Next step: Making this miracle accessible to you. The software should not be missing in such an innovative story. That’s why I hope to tell you more about the finished software next time.

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Your Kellerkind

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