mycusini® 3D chocolate printer for the kitchen, including accessories for home bakers

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  • The mycusini® is an easy-to-use 3D food printer made for the use in the private kitchen.
  • Including a template library with over 800 creative objects, selection and production directly on the display of the device.
  • The device works with included special 3D choco refills – which enable an immediate sense of achievement
  • Individual objects and text messages can easily designed in the free mycusini® Club and produced in choco afterwards
  • The mycusini® is no bigger than a coffee machine and fits in every kitchen.


3D choco printer mycusini® including starter set with:

  • 10 x 3D Choco Dark Fillings
  • Access to mycusini® Club
  • mycusini® Stainless Steel Cartridge
  • mycusini® Silicon Mat
  • mycusini® SD-Card with more than 800 3D templates
  • mycusini® SD Cardreader USB
  • mycusini® 3D Template Overview, brochure including all the 3D objects on the SD card
  • International 12 V power supply with country specific plug

Looking for an eye catcher?

Creative in choco for every occasion. Set accents with mycusini® 3D choco printer

The 3D choco lime, placed directly on the glass rim, provides a sweet highlight for the refreshing aperitif.

Easy to use

Fill the mycusini® with the ready-to-use mycusini® 3D Choco. Simply select your desired object from the SD card on the mycusini® display and start printing.

The 3D templates

You have two options for obtaining the 3D templates:

  • Work offline with over 800 templates on the SD card.
  • Creatively create your own objects online in the mycusini® Club and load them onto the SD card.

Offline – SD card and template library

The mycusini® 3D food printing system includes a SD card with over 800 templates.

The enclosed brochure of the mycusini® template library shows all 3D objects on your SD card with a picture and information on material consumption. Working offline made easy.


Online – create your own 3D templates in the mycusini® Club

With the purchase of a mycusini® 3D choco printer you get free access to the mycusini® Club.

The mycusini® 3D Template Overview – get inspired!

With over 800 exciting objects, the choice is a pain. No matter what, your guests will be amazed.

That’s how it works: Simply select your favorite creation in the mycusini® 3D Template Overview. Here we go.

Surprise your loved ones with an individual message.

That’s how it works: Enter the desired text in the mycusini® Club in the “Lettering” application, select the size and font and determine the desired 3D effect via the number of layers on top of each other.


File upload

Would you like to realize your own 3D files in mycusini® 3D Choco?

Use the upload in the mycusini® Club. The files are converted automatically.

Free updates

The mycusini® software is continuously being developed. As the owner of a mycusini® you have free access to the updates.

The update of the mycusini® is easily done via the SD card. Simply select the file on the display and the update will start automatically.

The mycusini® package – how it works

Scope of delivery

Number Product
10 mycusini® 3D Choco Dark Fillings
1 Access to mycusini® Club
1 mycusini® Stainless Steel Cartridge
1 mycusini® Silicon Mat
1 removable production plate
1 12 V Power adapter
1 mycusini® SD-Card with more than 800 3D Objects
1 mycusini® SD Cardreader USB
1 mycusini® 3D Template Overview
1 mycusini® Stainless Steel Tweezers

mycusini® products

You can find details about the individual components here:

mycusini® 3D Choco Dark

mycusini® Stainless Steel Cartridge

mycusini® Silicon Mat

mycusini® SD Cardreader USB

mycusini® 3D Template Overview

mycusini® 3D Printer – Details

Height: 25 cm
Width: 19 cm
Length: 19,5 cm
Weight:  3,5 kg 
Printing dimensions (L x W x H): 110 x 80 x 50 mm
Power supply:  12 V
Speed: 9,5 – 25 mm/s
Display:  3”

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