mycusini 3D praliné – filling Marc de Champagne x 8


Quantity: 8 x 30 g = 240 g


Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa butter, Milk powder, Cream, Cocoa mass, Whey powder, Candy syrup, Mark de Champagne paste, Emulsifiers: Soya lecithin, Vanillin.

Contains alcohol. May contain traces of eggs and nuts. Processing instructions and tips: Temper and process truffle to +20 – 25°C.

Please store in the fridge.


Nutrition per 100 g serving:

Energy (kJ/kcal): 1702/406

Fat (g): 23,2

of which saturates (g): 23,2

Carbohydrate (g): 43,8

of which sugar (g): 41,5

Protein (g):  4,0

Salt (g): 0,04

Shelf life about 4 months in cool, dark storage