mycusini® Praline Fillings - information

mycusini Pralinenfüllungen kreieren Sie ihre persönliche Praline immer frisch


mycusini® Praline Fillings - make your individual pralines by yourself

Creating your own chocolates made easy. With the mycusini you can create your own individual 3D shapes. The mycusini Praline Fillings aren't not only delicious, but also practical to use.


  • Always fresh, pre-portioned for ca. 5-10 chocolates
  • Child's play to fill your pralines - thanks to the practical portioner
  • Simply cut off the tip and fill the chocolates




  • Praline Fillings varieties
  • Portioner - practical & always fresh
  • Output
  • How it works

 Information on content & nutritional information about mycusini Praline Fillings can be found here.


What varieties of mycusini® Praline Fillings are there?

We currently have the following varieties in our range:

mycusini Pralinenfüllung Irish coffee cream selber pralinen herstellen

mycusini® Praline Filling Irish Coffee Cream

content & nutritional information

mycusini Pralinenfüllung Irish Coffee Cream Individuelle Pralinen selber machen

mycusini® Praline Filling Nut Nougat

content & nutritional information

mycusini® Pralinenfüllung Marc de Champagne Stets frisch, da für ca. 3-4 Portionen vorportioniert

mycusini® Praline Filling Marc de Champagne

content & nutritional information

mycusini® Pralinenfüllung Marc de Champagne Sauberes Arbeiten garantiert dank praktischem Portionierer

mycusini® Praline Filling Peach Passion Fruit 

content & nutritional information

mycusini® Pralinenfüllung Pfirsich Maracuja Einfach Spitze anschneiden, los geht’s

mycusini® Praline Filling Yoghurt Amarena 

content & nutritional information


Portioner - practical & always fresh


The practical packaging allows sensitive dosing while filling the delicate hollow chocolate forms – no more spilling.mycusini Pralinenfüllungen köstlich und einfach im Gebrauch

Always fresh

Opened praline fillings can only be kept for a few days. Accordingly, the packaging size of 30 g each has proven accordingly - freshness guaranteed.



With one mycusini Praline Filling you can fill approx. 5-10 3D Choco objects, depending on the size and height of the object.

 mycusini Pralinenfüllungen Ergiebigkeit, wie viel bekomme ich aus einer Packung heraus



How it works

Simply warm the mycusini Praline Filling slightly in your hand or under warm running water and cut the tip with scissors. Here you go.

Expert tip: You can determine the size of the opening yourself. The more you cut off, the larger the opening will be.

mycusini Pralinenfüllungen - wie es funktioniert, einfach, frisch und praktisch