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mycusini finally really in slim fit

Slim, only the picture for the mycusini – because we believe 3D food printing should become a really fat thing. Today, however, I have to confess. Unfortunately, I had not been successful, at least with the original plan. But I am THE Kellerkind. Inspired by my meditation studio in the catacombs of a famous building somewhere in the South of Bavaria, I had a very quick idea, I’d like to share with you.

The idea: If you can’t reach the force or power you need, you have to be satisfied with less force. The simple solution: I opted for a smaller food container meaning a container with a smaller inner diameter to move the delicious tasting 3D Choco inside, pressing it through the nozzle and forming beautiful 3D chocolates. Not really genious, but practical.

Keep in mind, what your Mom always told you:

“Good preparation is the alpha and omega, even for 3D food printing”

For the first few attempts, I only cut the cartridge of our professional 3D food printing system Procusini to find out if it would be possible to downgrade this system into a sexy must have for every kitchen. Didn’t really work as mentioned. The simple solution:  the much slimmer design of the cartridge and thus for the whole food printing extruder head – I hope, you’ll like it as I do.

In fact, with the slim fit edition, I only needed one third of the original power. So keep your fingers crossed for the new construction. Next week, I’ll hope to tell you more. Maybe there will be a video already.

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Teu, Teu, Teu and until next time

Your Kellerkind

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