Give away zero and one – software follows hardware

How does mycusini know what to do? That’s an important question, because hardware will not be the simple solution. It will need commands how to act. A software has to take over this role. And we have a real expert in that field, called Marcello alias 001, quasi the James Bond among the IT specialists. He has to make sure, that the software can control the complete device reliably.

The operation should be kept as simple as possible. We really do not have to do a doctoral thesis. That’s why the mycusini is running automatically, without supervision. In most cases that would not be really needed, because you just can not stop watching the printing process. Such a 3D production is like a hypnosis. Layer by layer, highly precise the melting choco is forming your personal 3D object so that your mouth is watering. Hmmmmm 3D Choco YAM YAM

But back to the present topic. Unfortunately, I can not provide an insight into the finished software as promised in the last post – like always time had been passing much too fast. As a first impression, I’ll show you the start of the software. Isn’t the mycusini logo really impressive? 😉

The moment for ordering you own mycusini is rapidly approaching. You will then be able to provide the most personal and personalized gift ever. Except the birthday boy does not like Choco, but honestly in that unlikely case you should look for new friends, because: Who does not like 3D Choco ?!

Looking forward to see you, see you next time

Many greetings

Your Kellerkind

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