Geschenke für Jeden

Gifts for everyone – A noise and then nothing happens

Well, almost nothing. Hellooo –  I‘m back in web. News following a long period of silence. You have seen it, this small pile of misery should really be a gift for everyone? For sure you doubt almost a little bit.

More power

No panic, we’ll get there. Due to my experience with 3D technology (HAHA) I know, that the motor is definitely too weak. The difficulty is to push the food through the small nozzle, which is used to form the final 3D objects. That requires a lot of power from the motor. But due to the limited space for the motor we need to have choose an alternative way. So, let’s try a higher gear ratio. That will ensure more power but will unfortunately reduce the maximum extruder speed. Let’s see if we can get it working.

Success, success, gifts

Isn’t it nice – my first successful food print. A cube of mashed potatoes. The result is indeed successful, but the process is still far from reality. I’m curious what I will achieve till next week. You too? Then stay tuned, HERE’s the newsletter

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Your just very proud Kellerkind

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