Choco „for you“ - Persönliche Schoko auf dem Eiskaffee

Choco „for you“ - Personal chocolate on the iced coffee

mycusini 3D Vorlage Coffee for you aus der Vorlagenbilbiothek im mycusini Club mit über 1.000 3D Vorlagen

The chocolate is melting in your mouth.

The days are getting warmer and warmer, summer is coming, that's for sure. What better way to enjoy it than with a delicious iced coffee in the sun.

Surprise the next guest with a personal chocolate message on the iced coffee.

With the mycusini 3D chocolate printer, you can easily create individual text messages and then print them out immediately with the 3D Choco Printer. Or you can access one of our over 1,000 3D templates.

Here you can also find the great Choco lettering "Coffee for you" in the picture above.

mycusini 3D Vorlage coffee for your aus der Vorlagenbilbiothek ganz einfach ausdrucken mit dem 3D Schokoladendrucker mycusini

Here's how it works

  • Switch on mycusini
  • Select the template "foryou" in the template library in the mycusini Club under the category "letterings" and produce it.
  • After a short cooling down period, the template can be removed from the silicone mat.

Practical tip:

  • Store the lettering briefly in the fridge so that it does not melt so quickly in the sun.
  • Whipped cream should be very cold and whipped in a chilled stainless steel container when the temperature is hot.
  • Coffee can be stored well in the refrigerator. Always prepared for hot summer days
  • Serve to a loved one


The Recipe:

Iced coffee (4 servings)


200 g cream
2 tbsp vanilla sugar
8 scoops vanilla ice cream
600 ml boiled coffee, well chilled


  • Whip the cream with the vanilla sugar until stiff.
  • Place two scoops of vanilla ice cream in each glass.
  • Pour coffee over the ice cream.
  • Serve with whipped cream.



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