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3rd dimension innovative gifts – let’s start backpacking or technology shrinking

With a lot of luggage you will not get very far when backpacking. So try to keep things small and light. As I already mentioned, we are professionals in 3D food printing. Due to impressive successes with our professional device as the worldwide technology & innovation leader, I would guess, we know what we are doing 😉

However, transporting this technology to your home essentially means adapting the future, ultimate MUST HAVE, to your local environment. Such a lorry sized device would for sure not be suitable. Therefore, my first approach will concentrate on “Shrinking”.

Alright! Smaller device, smaller components. Step 1: Shrinking the major components – AAAAND what do you think will be, which ones will be the most important?

First of all the engine. Smaller engine but same force. The solution? I‘m sure, it’s already clear to you. We’ll pick up a gearbox. Well done. The cartridge (in which we fill the food items) we cut to see if we can make a Hashbag out of the gym bag or if we have to invent a new backpack.

Slightly different placed components, the original plastic extruder replaced by a food extruder and voila. Well, how do you like the slightly chaotic composition? I’m really confident to soon improve that not really trustworthy composition. Until next time, I promise further developments.

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PS What about hashbags, gymnastic bags and backpacks? HERE’s the beginning of the story!

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